The three-day Bayimba International Festival has become an important benchmark for the consumption of the finest arts. Every third week of September, Kampala comes alive as a vibrant and eventful city when an unparalleled feast of music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts from renowned and upcoming artists is brought to Kampala.

Since its first edition in 2008, a wide variety of known and upcoming artists from Uganda, East Africa and beyond have performed at the different stages of the Bayimba International Festival. The 9th edition of this acclaimed festival took place on 16th to 18th September 2016 in the city centre of Kampala, Uganda, bringing to life a true experience of the arts in all its forms.

Artists of all disciplines are invited via submission of application forms.

I personally had a change to have fun wit a couple of friends, watching plays in the auditorium, drums, painting and stage performaces.

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